KathNiel was born 2011 : Growing Up to their breakup

Daniel tells Kathryn “I love you” for the first time year 2012 : Growing Up to their breakup

At the time that Kathryn and Daniel made their debut in a television series together, the title of the program was Princess and I. It was the first time that they had appeared together. 2012 was the year that it was first exhibited, and it was also the year when it was broadcast for the very first time.

In a video that was produced by Star Cinema in 2021 and included KathNiel playing “Boyfriend Tag Quiz,” Daniel revealed that the moment he told the actress, “I love you,” was during the time that they were working together on the Princess and I project. KathNiel was featured in the video. There was a scene in the movie that included KathNiel. Throughout the course of the video, KathNiel showed up as an actor.

Daniel is the one who relates the narrative, and he starts out by stating, “Princess and I days, sa tissue ko nilagay,” which is the phrase that is used throughout the telling of the story. When it comes to this period of time, Kathryn is the one who is responsible for noting the specific day and time that the former confessed to the crime.1

Their first kissing scene year 2016 : Growing Up to their breakup

At the celebration of Kathryn’s twentieth birthday in Balesin, Daniel’s mother, Karla Estrada, published a photograph of her son smiling with the words “Happy Birthday Bal” scratched in the sand. Kathryn’s birthday was celebrated in Balesin. The occasion was Kathryn’s twentieth birthday, which she was celebrating at the time. Additionally, in case you were unaware, the two of them have a cute nickname for each other that they call “Bal.” This is something that you should know. It is really important that you are aware of this. In addition to it, they referred to one another as “Pottie,” “Baba,” and “Bali.” This was in addition to the fact that they talked about the issue.

The same year that Kathryn and Daniel enjoyed their first kiss on screen, which also happened to take place in the film Barcelona: A Love Untold, these two actors made their debut together. During the time that Kathryn was a guest on Tonight With Boy Abunda, which was five years ago, she disclosed this information in a simple and honest manner. Kathryn brought this information to everyone’s attention. Her statement included a reference of the fact that they had their first kiss prior to it.

According to a statement that was released by the actress, who is 27 years old, “the first kiss was extremely quick.” In the following step of our journey, we are going to visit Kamuning, who is the mother of the children. When it comes to doing something, one of you is going to be the first one to do it. There is a term that is used in the Hindi language that is referred to as “yon yong in-imagine ko!” That is another way of putting things for you. Excessively rapid in terms of speed. It was Si Mama Nando who made the statement, “Tumalikod lang po siya, may kinuha siya or something,” in reference to the younger family member. “Tapos parang tumalikod lang po siya.”

Official last 2018 : Growing Up to their breakup

At a press conference for their upcoming romantic comedy, The Hows of Us, Kathryn and Daniel made their first public declaration of their love for one another. This momentous occasion marked the beginning of their relationship. This was the very first time that they had openly acknowledged their feelings for one another in front of other people. Love serves as the primary focus of the comedy picture that bears the title “The Hows of Us.” When they made this announcement to the entire public in an official capacity, it was the very first time that they had revealed their relationship with one another. The question of whether or not they should be together was brought up for the very first time. During the course of carrying out the deed, they did not demonstrate any indicators of reluctance, which is a sign that is considered to be positive. Daniel’s declaration that they had been dating for more than five years prior to that particular time period came to light the fact that they had already established themselves as a pair by the year 2012. Their relationship had been going strong for quite some time. That particular time period was the one in which the discovery of this information took place.

Kathryn openly discussed marriage with Daniel : Growing Up to their breakup

She has stated that she is “very open” to the notion of getting married to Daniel, but she has also added that she does not anticipate the chance of such a marriage occurring in the near future. This comment was made by the actress in 2019, and it was reported that she made the statement. There were speculations that Daniel had proposed to Kathryn in Japan, and a few seconds earlier, Kathryn’s mother had commented on Instagram, “May nag proposed (sic),” which further supported the rumors. Before this information was made available to the general public, the rumors were spread.

Regarding that, there is not a single shred of uncertainty. The individual responded, “I am open to the idea, but I am unable to name the person who passed away, and it is possible that I am too young to do so at this time.”

Additionally, it was in the same year that Kathryn addressed the rumors of a breakup for the very first time, highlighting the fact that they remained committed to one other regardless of the circumstances. The commitment that they had made to one another was reaffirmed by Kathryn. A number of photographs were uploaded to the internet by Kathryn after the couple celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary in Morocco. These photographs were made available to the general public.

I would like to convey my gratitude to you for being both my ideal partner and my actual husband at the same time. This is something that I would like to recognize and appreciate. She continued by saying that falling in love with you and deciding to commit to continuing in love with you was the best decision she had ever made in her entire life. She thought this was the best decision she had ever made.

The first business endeavor that Kathryn and Daniel started together was a barbershop that they named “Barbero Blues.” This barbershop opened its doors in the month of October in the year 2019. In the field of business, this was the first time that they had the opportunity to work together.

KathNiel Isang Dekada : Growing Up to their breakup

Kathryn published a video blog with the title “KATHNIEL: ISANG DEKADA” with the goal of honoring the celebration of the anniversary of their love team. These actions were taken as a means of demonstrating respect for the event that was going to take place. In order to commemorate the anniversary, which was the reason for doing this, this was done particularly for the purpose of performing the action. Through the course of the video blog that they had produced, which ran for one and a half hours, they were able to demonstrate the achievements that they had done together over the course of period.

In the statement that accompanied the photograph, Kathryn stated, “In order to create this one-of-a-kind documentary that tells the story of our humble beginnings, our cherished milestones, and everything in between,” she was referring to the process of creating the documentary. “I met with our friends, family, and fans to create this special documentary.” “As we celebrate KathNiel’s tenth anniversary as a love team, DJ and I met with our friends, family, and fans to create this documentary.” “This documentary tells the story of our humble beginnings, our cherished milestones, and everything in between.” “This particular documentary tells the story of our humble beginnings, our cherished milestones, and everything in between.”

A decade of love : Growing Up to their breakup

For the celebration of the couple’s ten-year wedding anniversary, which took place in Thailand in the year 2022, the month of May was selected as the appropriate time to conduct the event. They had been married for a decade before to the occurrence of this calamity, which had occurred between the years of 2004 and 2007. Kathryn had previously published a picture to Instagram, and she had added the heartfelt remark that she had written for DJ in the picture. Images of the two of them interacting with elephants in Chiang Mai were also included in the picture. Kathryn was the one who had the opportunity to show us the photograph that she had shot. In her letter, she stated that they “celebrated our special day in the most unforgettable way possible and enjoyed every minute of it.” Both of them were ecstatic about the event. In addition, she admitted that they had a memorable and enjoyable experience. Both of them were feeling enthusiastic about the event that was going to take place. In addition, she agreed that the time they spent together as a group was both memorable and enjoyable.

Because you are aware of how much this trip means to me and how much I appreciate elephants, you have without a doubt given your approval to engage in this activity with me once more without any concerns whatsoever. This is because you are aware of how much I respect elephants. She continued by saying, “All you said to me was, ‘Kahit san mo gusto love, susunod ako after every single day of my work.'” Her statement was followed by several more statements. This observation was stated in the sentence that is shown below.

The end of an era : Growing Up to their breakup

When the year 2023 rolled around, Kathryn and Daniel both took the initiative to start their own businesses, which they did independently of one another. As the year came to a close, it was disclosed that Daniel would be included in the cast of the film The Guest, playing the role of John Arcilla’s supporting character. The production of the movie is scheduled to start in the following months.
In contrast, Kathryn was chosen to play the leading roles in the highly anticipated film A Very Good Girl (AVGG), which also included the well-known actress Dolly De Leon. The film was a huge success. The movie was a tremendous hit with audiences. Daniel took advantage of the opportunity to proudly share the official trailer for AVGG on his Instagram account, despite the fact that he was unable to attend the premiere of the film in the theater. During that time period, the actor was employed in Spain (Spain), which is a country that is today classified as Spain.
The two were seen walking the red carpet at the ABS-CBN Ball by themselves in September, which was noted by the audience members standing there. It was the very first time that thing had ever taken place. Despite the circumstances, they continued to delight in each other’s company within the confines of the house.

Ogie Diaz has, over the course of two months, contributed to the dissemination of stories of betrayal among Kathryn, Daniel, and fellow actress Andrea Brillantes. These stories have been shared through his video blog. All three of them have relayed these tales to one another simultaneously. The talent management made a reference to the rumors that the couple had already broken up in the film. There were reports that the couple had already dissolved their relationship.

Following the passage of a few weeks, admirers who were paying careful attention saw that Kathryn’s “following” count on Instagram had decreased, and a search for Andrea’s name did not provide any results. Both of these developments occurred simultaneously. Due to this, Andrea’s popularity on the internet surged early on Sunday, November 19, after users of social media learned that Kathryn was no longer included on her list of followers. This led to a rise in the number of people who followed Andrea on the internet. The beginning of Andrea’s journey to notoriety on the internet can be traced back to this moment.

On November 30th, it was firmly determined that Kathryn and Daniel had broken their love relationship. This announcement was made public.

Frequently Ask Question

Who are Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla?

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are two of the most popular and iconic celebrities in the Philippines. Individually, they are successful actors and singers, but together they form the beloved love team known as KathNiel.

How did they meet?

Kathryn and Daniel first met in 2010 when they were cast as lead stars in the teen drama series “Growing Up.” Their on-screen chemistry quickly translated into real-life feelings, and they began dating shortly after.

How long have they been together?

Kathryn and Daniel have been together for almost 12 years as of December 2023. They are considered one of the longest-lasting and most stable love teams in the industry.

What are their most popular projects together?

Kathryn and Daniel have starred in numerous successful projects together, including:
Television series: “Teen Challenge,” “Pangako Sa ‘Yo,” “Got to Believe,” “La Luna Sangre,” “2 Good 2 Be True”
Films: “Barcelona: A Love Untold,” “Crazy Beautiful You,” “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” “The Hows of Us”
Music albums: “KathNiel,” “Teen Hearts,” “My Gift”

What are their fans called?

Kathryn and Daniel’s fans are collectively known as KathNiel fans or “KathNiels.” They are one of the most active and passionate fandoms in the Philippines, known for their unwavering support for their idols.

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